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Monday, 5 November 2012

OPI DS CLassic

Hello yet again,
SO how has everyone been:) I have gotten quite a few polishes lately, including a lot of OPI's, mostly from the skyfall collection which I will be swatching shortly. While I was at my pharmacy I noticed that they had some DS ones. I only have one of these so I was automatically drawn to them I looked at all and had a hard time to choose and I am surprised with what I went with. I always tend to go with blues or greens and if not that then reds or pinks. But I saw "Classic" and it just looked so pretty. ITs fall now and it seemed to just be the right time for this polish. SO I got it and must say I am quite happy with it:) Will be getting more because the Ds polishes sure are pretty and I missed out on the older line.  I had just been wearing OPI's "Russian navy" with F$ polish's "shift happens" on top and that was gorgeous as well(swatches to come for that as well) and was going to start testing out the skyfall colors but this one just really appealed to me. It was the opposite of all the dark colors I have been wearing lately. DS Classic is a gorgeous beige/brown and dare I say gold polish with scattered holo. Almost a coffee color. It just shines when in the sun and your fingers just seem to glow:) The application was actually quite good and it was opaque in just two coats but I do have three on:) I don't have any top coat on these. I will most likely add some just to make it last longer but with this polish, it is shine and smooth without a top coat. On to some pictures:)

Now I know that Holo polishes have really been a trend lately and they're are a lot out there. This is a very simple holo. It's not as eye catching as many that are out there today. Name says it all, I guess, "classic.

 Very hard to capture the holo and must say, even in real life its not as holo as you might expect one to be. But is is gorgeous, I think.

 Just look at my ring finger in this pic. You can see all the colors and how well they mingle together and that's about as holo as it is:)

 I had to add this picture! As I was taking pictures outside, this lovely lady bug landed right on my arm and decided to give me some good luck. Perhaps she loves nail polish as much as I do and wanted to get a close up:)

 Just look at it in the sun! I am a huge fan of this one. I think it is one of my fav holo's which is weird for me. I love the real eye catching holo goodness of all the others but this one , I don't know, I just love the look:)
SO, do you guys agree with me? Even though it is a subdued holo, isnt it a beauty?? Do you own any of the DS polishes?? Which ones? I'm wondering which others I should get. I already have reserve but the dark blue one I saw (cant recall the name) was the one I almost got and I am sure next time I am at the store I wont be able to walk away without it......:)


  1. So pretty!! I do not have a blog, but I do have a page on Facebook, it's under OMG Wait What Polish is That

  2. Oh Classic is so cool!! :D I really like your nail shape!!!
    (eeehehe ladybugs! :D)