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Monday, 3 December 2012

Charity auction for KCPP

HEllo all,
Especially hello to  my many new followers. Great to have many new people:) Hope everyone likes what I am doing. Before I do my next post I wanted to share with you guys a great cause that I feel real strong about. As you all know, I have a cat, Karma, whom I love to death. Shes my furbaby. Who am I kidding, shes my kid!!! Hehehe. I have posted pictures of her here and there seeing as she is always right next to me, especially when I am doing my nails or taking pictures. She is so nosy. If you haven't seen her yet, here she is:)

AWE.. This is when she was a kitty. Miss her being that tiny:( She was so cute:)

And look at this close up!!! Looks like a bear:) 

Here she was last xmas. Not looking forward to putting the tree up. Came home and found her half way up , sleeping inside of it last year....

As you can see, shes very loved and very spoiled. She also the first cat I have had that actually fetches like a dog. She even comes to you and drops her little toy mouse at your feet and waits for you to throw it across the room. She runs after it and brings it back. Its awesome and just adorable...

So that brings me to the point of this post. A gril that goes by "Crystal Catlady McLeod Baker" posted about an auction she has going on. I will just copy and paste what she wrote. Will be easier to explain that way:)

Runs 12/2-12/8 at midnight, drawing will be 12/9 when I get up =)

HELLO! If you don’t know me very well, let me introduce myself. My name is Crystal and I am the Feline Care Supervisor at the Kansas City, MO animal shelter run by KCPP. We are a 501c3 nonprofit caring for an average of 400 animals at a time, about 100 of them cats. Our
 goal is to home ALL healthy, treatable, adoptable animals. This is our first year running the shelter and we have had an average 90% live release rate for the year! In the shelters previous 20+ years, the highest live release was only 65%. We have been so much more successful this year then we could have imagined!

To help raise some money for my kitties, their supplies and projects, I am auctioning off these two FABULOUS and RARE polishes: Lynnderella Remember AND Nerdlacquer Event Horizon (see pictures). Both were purchased through blogs/groups, so the usage is unknown, but both appear full and are assumed to be swatched only. Here’s how this works:

1. Use the Chip In link above to make your tax deductable donation to KCPP. $5 for 1 entry to the raffle, $12 for 3, $20 for 5 which means you get one FREE! This donation IS tax deductible, so save your receipt!
2. PLEASE DO NOT NOT NOT make any notes in your donation this is a raffle!!! Chip In runs through Paypal and if they find out there is a raffle being held, they will shut it down and close my account.
3. I will get an email you have made a donation and will list the names in the order they come in. I will have a spreadsheet available to the public so you can see how many entries there are and what your number(s) assignment is. (
4. I will use on 12/9 to draw TWO numbers. The FIRST winner will get their CHOICE of polish first, and the SECOND winner will then get the other.

This raffle is being run in four FB nail polish groups. Odds will depend on how many entries are made before close on 12/8 at midnight.

If you have ANY question please PM me. I have held raffles in this manner many times before to raise money for my needy kitties. So if you have any concerns please let me know. 

I did further talk to her and she is a very nice person and doing a great job and its a great cause. I am a huge animal advocate and its great people do things like this for those that don't have a voice for themselves. There are so many animals out there, not just cats, that need good homes. It is simple for us to go and adopt one, which in itself is a great thing to do, but we sometimes forget all the hard work and money it takes for these places to do what they are doing. And if you are a pet owner like I am, I am sure you know how expensive vet trips are. So I don't need to say again how great of a cause this is.
But the great thing is that on top of being a great cause its also an auction for AWESOME polishes! I would love to win these!!! So even if it is just 5$ for one ticket, every dollar helps. And just think, you may just win:) Wouldn't that be awesome!!! I know that it is tough this time of year. Money is tight for a lot of us but just remember everything helps. If you cant afford it, try to do what you can , especially this time of year, but also all year round as well. Even if it is just donating some food to places like this or food and/or clothes to shelters for people, you would be surprised to know how even the littlest things can help. And don't forget, time is often a great gift, even more then donations at time. So if money is tight, try and see if you can do some volunteer. I find you tend to get more out of it yourself . Don't forget, a lot of people aren't as lucky as many of us are. Even people like me who don't have much money but never have to worry about a place to sleep at night or dinner on the table. To some people that would be a huge blessing. I wish  to all my readers very Happy Holidays. Be safe, have fun and be kind to others:) I will be posting before then, of course, but just wanted to say it.
SO, I just wanted to help spread the word for Crystal and hope you guys can also do the same:)
Thanks for reading guys:) 


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