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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

pams whimsical polishes "Suess"


Ok, now that I got that out, hello again. I am excited because my polishes FINALLY CAME!!! I have been waiting 3 months for these babies! I had to go through a third party because Pam does not ship to Canada. SO an online friend let me pay her to make an order for me and then ship them to me. However, that was 3 months ago and I just got the yesterday. I was so happy to see them because I had pretty much came to terms with the fact that they were lost and I was not getting them. Not to sure if it was the post office or customs or what because I have never had something take this long but they are here so I am happy!! I got "suess" and "Hatched" but I only have "Suess" to show you guys today. I love and really wanted "Hatched" but I got "Soak of the sun" from 365 days of color since I thought I was not going to be getting "hatched" and they are very similar. I will be doing a comparison on the two soon. But since I had just worn "Soak up the sun" I had to try "Suess" first and that is the one that originally caught my eye:)

AS you can see, it is a gorgeous, dark blue, packed with red and silver hexes and blue glitter. Now, I may be biased because blue is my favourite color for everything but I think this polish is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Look at it! its so fun. Not to mention how cute the bottles are:) but, I just LOVE this color!

AS I see many bloggers say about polish pictures, these do not do it justice. It is very bright and You can really see the glitter more then shown here.

For those of us who are into the whole "Jelly sammich" mani's this is a perfect Jelly in a bottle!
 These are all with 3 coats:)

This polish really "POPS" in the sun, as you can see but here are some pics inside:)

 AH!! UGH!! how did I NOT notice that stain on my fingers??? Sorry guys, thought I had cleaned it up:( But you do see the glitter more in these pictures.

 ANd under a bright light. Way too bright actually.....

 OUCH!! hurts the eyes doesn't it?? But wanted to show you the blue! This is as close to the color it is:)

I think I said it best when I said "Jelly sammich" in a bottle because that is what it is. Its like that because I added 3 coats. AT first its not so much a jelly but after you add another coat, its sheer, so it goes over the first coat and glitter but you can still see it. It Changes the silver hexes to white almost but just gives it more color! Not to mention it is inspired by one of my favourite child authors EVER!! It does have a sort of kid and playful look/feel to it for me. Reminds me of "one fish, two fish (one coat two coat) red fish, blue fish (red glitter, blue glitter) hehehehe.....
The only problem was with the large hexes. They tend to stay towards the tip. So you do have to play around and place them where you want. Then add a final coat to get rid of any smudges from moving them around. Just takes a bit of patience and the right application. I totally recommend these polishes!! I cant wait to try out "Hatched". I know this is an older line (still available thought) and she has newer ones out now that are just as gorgeous! Sucks that she can't ship to Canada but a lot of indies are that way. Next time I do a swap with an american friend (Contact me any time if interested in swaps, we can talk:) I will ask them to place an order of more for me. If interested, they are 10$ a bottle(us) and you can see the whole collection of them on her facebook page and if you're in the US, shipping info is here.

So what do you guys think of it?? Do you love it as much as I do??? Do you own any? If not, plan on getting some? I do recommend it:) Hope you enjoyed this second post today. Thanks again for reading and see you soon:):)