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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ebay polish soakers (polish remover)

HEy guys,
Well today I just wanted to share with you quickly something I bought from ebay. I had seen a few girls talk about it and for the price, (was 3$ I think) decided to give it a try. IF you're like me and love glitter polish but hate removing it, you probably also always look for easier ways to remove it. Well, this is what these are supposed to do. Before I continue, this is what I am talking about..

SO, you get 10 of these little round things. They have a hole on top for you to place your finger inside of it. Well first, you need to fill it with polish remover.

Now, the first thing that crossed my mind, and I am sure you're thinking it also, is the amount of polish being used! It does take a lot. I filled them each to the top. I had to do a few twice because I was setting them up for the picture and they fell. They do have a little thing on the side though that makes them sit up as they are in this picture. Ok so, here is what I was wearing...

 left hand > 365 days of color "too pink to function"

Left hand > 365 days of color "soak up the sun". Both glitter polishes with the "soak up the sun" being much thicker and therefore harder to remove.

SO I placed them on each finger. Meaning I put each finger into the little container thing, filled with remover and let it just soak  Kept it on for about 15 minutes before checking on it. I must say, especially the thumbs were uncomfortable because it cut off my circulation. My fingers were almost purple at the end.... Granted, as you can see, I do have chubby fingers.

 You can sort of see how they just sit and soak in remover...

from upside down>
and as I said, I soaked them for 15 mintues and when I removed them it looked like this....

SO as you can see, it is not all removed but it is wet and full of polish remover..
 So, I just took a cotton swab and rubbed the rest off. I did have to use more remover but took it out of the bottles.
So, pretty much, I would say its the equivalent of soaking your fingers in a little dish of remover. Supposed to be more convenient because you can walk around but they are not that convenient  About as much as walking around holding a dish as your fingers are soaking. It did not speed up any time because you do have to let them soak. You can, however, just sit back and watch tv (cant really do much else unless you're not using your hands) and it does take away the stress of sitting there and rubbing and screaming and my neighbours must think a drunken sailor is visiting when I am removing glitter polish because I get so frustrated!! But would I recommend these?? Probably not. I think the tin foil method is just as good and efficient. Since I onw them I probably will use them again but.... Also, as I said, it does take up a lot of remover. And someone told me that you can save it and reuse it but its all full of polish and glitter so I just threw it away. Once you're done, you just empty the remover  from them and  give them a rinse and that's that. I was hoping they would be a bit better and take everything off but, I should have known. So that leads me to my questions....
What do you guys think of these? Would you give them a try? What is you solution to removing glitter??? I really want to look into the glue thing.....
Thanks for reading and following. Appreciate it and see (well talk..well type..well.. OK you get it:) you all soon. Will be doing another post today. I just asked about the glue thing on a polish page on Facebook and remembered I had not yet posted these things! 


  1. I actually have these coming to me but they haven't arrived yet. I got them for the same reason :( Sucks to know they don't work though. They are for acrylics, but I can see how soaking off acrylics would be more effective with these than soaking off glitter as with the glitter, you need the "scrub" of the cotton as you're pulling the foil off to take it off. Poo! Oh well, I sometimes (rarely, but sometimes) use those 5-day false nails from Walmart and these will work for removing those :)

    1. well I dont want to get your hopes up. and they do help! dont get me wrong! I was hoping to put them in and then all the polish would be gone! lol..But dont get me wrong, they help! And as Gabby just said, perhaps I am not using the right remover..... Let me know how they work our for you. Curious to know:)

  2. what kind of remover do you use? because if you aren't using pure acetone i would suggest getting some. even with my thickest glitter polishes i can remove them with just acetone on a cotton ball held to my finger for a minute

    1. Im not to sure...hmmm...let me run and grab my bottle...hehehe... I have the onyx bottle 100% acetone but know what?? looking at the pictures, I went with my cheaper stuff because it takes so much so perhaps that is the problem. Thanks for the tip!