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Monday, 8 October 2012

MAybelline Color Show "avante green" "Pink cosmo" and "Downtown brown"

HEY all my fellow polish lovers!!!
So today I have three polishes for you guys fro that day when I did a bunch of swatching! so, before I even show them pics, I must apologize for the look of my cuticles and some pictures are not at there best. I am still somewhat new at this blogging thing and as dumb and weird as it may soud this was the first time I did a bunch of polish swatching. I am repeating myself, but as I said I never been into swatching. When I do my nails I like to keep the polish on for a bit... Never really wanted to put it on, take pictures and then remove it. But I have gotten so much lately, I finally did it. So today I got 3 from the Maybelline , color show , limited edition line. There were not that many that caught my eye. I got the 3 that I thought looked best and was not happy with "pink cosmo" but.... I buy my polishes on my own with my own money so it is hard for me to , at times, get every polish from said line. I recently just got 3 from the OPI "Germany " collection (next post) I wanted more but just 3 cost me over 30$ so its hard at times to get them all. I hope you guys can understand and appreciate what I can and do show. SO, that being said, her are the 3 I got. I do plan on getting the rest from this line ( I am a sucker for anything that is "LE"" but for now......

So, first up is "Downtown Brown" Now if you guys know me well, you know I HATE polish with VNL. This one had that as an adjective, sadly. These swatches look terrible, but I got to say I did a lot of swatches this day and these were the worst. I don't know why. The polish just didn't go on right, they had VNL, and bubble. Usually these are good polishes. The "Denims" from this brand I am in love with, so I don't know what happened here. I am anxious to get the rest of this collection. I thought this was going to be one of my favs, which is why it was it the first bunch I got, but I don't know why, it just didn't hit the spot. SO first pic if one coat.

One coat.
One coat.

 Then these here are 3 because 2 did not make much of a difference. SO, yes, it is a pretty color. Perfect for the new fall batch we will all be needing. And as you can see, it has hints of green and blue sparkle(shimmer in it). THese were the first polishes I wsatched on this day so I cant blame it on too much swatching. I tried and tried but this was the best I could get it to look. Its not a bad brown but the application was not the best.

This is in the shade, all previous were in the sun!
Ok So now this is the worst when it came to VNL! look at it!! b SO know you guys all know my secret. Why I wear polish!! I have terrible n ails. Well, I mean they grow greeat. Strong and hard. But, I guess , no I know, cause I am a smoker, they have a terrible yellow tint. I enve\y when I see girls with naked nails, all pretty and white. I must ALWAYS hae polish on, my nails look horrible without it. Yes, it is the smoking, I know. Yes, I should and MUST quit....... But that is why I HATE VNL... "Pink cosmo" was the worst for this. It looked so pretty in the bottle but....

 One coat....
These have 3 coats. So, its a bit thicker but still a lot of VNL! I guess if you have pretty, long, WHITE and healthy nails and want something very subtle, this would bew perfect for that.

In shade

 Lastly I have "avante green" for you guys  This was the one I thought I was going to love the most, and out of all the 3 I have, I do. I was hoping it would be darker and have less VNL, but it is my fav!  I forgot to take pictures with one coat because I just did not like it at all but my pinky has only one coat in these pictures, and you can see the difference.

IT really is a gorgeous green with a pretty shimmer! I don't like it with one coat but slab one a few and its a great color:) 

Here it is in the shade!

 So I think there is another 3 I need to complete the collection. I was not as pleased with them as I was hopping. AS I said, I have the "Denims" and a few other colors from this brand and am very happy with them. But as I said, it is just me. I onle really love dark, thick, creamy colors. I don't want any VNL. As I said, the "Avante green" was my fav so far. I will get and finish the rest of the collection for you guys ASAP. Hope you like what I got so far. Do you have any from this line? If so which and what do you think of them?? What is your fav from what I showed and do you like VNL??????


  1. I don't mind vnl if the polish is meant to be sheer, like the OPI Ballet colors. I'd pprobably pass on Pink Cosmo. Downtown Brown is such a cool color. I really should just pick it up, already. ;)

    1. yea, well as I mentioned, my nails are horrible so that is why I don't like it. I agree though, some polishes with VNL are nice. Sometimes its nice to tone it down a bit. Pink cosmo looked so pretty in the bottle, thats why i grabbed it. I have to learn. So many times I am dissapointed by a polish being nothing like it looks in the :P

  2. I love the Avante Green color!!! It's great!!!

    1. It is a great green! Especially for fall. After a summer full of neons and really bright colors, I think its perfect:)