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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Octobers Maven "IT GIrl" with Juleps "Caroline" "Leslie" and "Glenda".

Hey all,
Well I got a surprise in the mail today. I got my maven box for October. Just want to start off by saying I did not want it this month. AS soon as I saw the crackle, I was out. I had gotten an e-mail saying my credit card was about to expire and that if I wanted my box this month to send them updated credit card info. So, since I did not want it, I never sent them the info. But they sent it to me anyhow. Card expired October 1st so I guess they squeezed it in there. I was going to contact them and say I didnt want it and they pretty much told me I was not getting it but it is so hard not to open a box of polish when it is at your door so I gave in and opened it up. I must say, I am quite pleased and happy that I did. IF you dont know about the Julep Maven boxes, its Julep polishes that are sent to you monthly for 20$ and your first month is only a penny so its a great deal to try it out. What I like about it is that they show you every month what will be in the box and if you do not like it, you can skip it without any problems( unless you forget or misunderstand them!! lol...) I know a lot of people have been saying that they are not pleased with the boxes lately but , as I said you can always cancel and every now and then, they have nice stuff. So if you are interested give it a try! Use this link (mine) if you do. and as I mentioned  the first month is a penny:) You have to take a quick quiz and it will guide you to your style but you can choose which ever one you want. I always go with "it girl" because it always has 3 polishes instead of 2 and something else(mascara, lipstick, etc) . So, give it a try if interested. Let me know if you do so I can see if the referral link actually works. Enough of all that, now onto what I got this month!! :)

I just opened the box so I have not yet swatched them on my fingers but I did swatch them on a nail wheel. I have SO MANY untrieds at the moment and I know I probably wont wear these really soon. SO here is the box I got:)

 I was most happy to see the candy!! HEHEHE!! I LOVE candy corn and out here in Canada I hardly ever find it! its one of my favs. Also, I been meaning to do a candy corn mani so it was a great surprise. Needless to say, I took pics so fast because I ate them up right away!!! They also included two pots of glitter. A black and an orange. I saw one girls post about making polish with hers. It is supposed to not bleed so she added them to a bottlee of NYC top coat. It looked amazing and was really pretty and I was planning on doing it. However, 24 hours later, they had all bled and sunk to the bottom. As she said, you can add suspension base ( I dont have any) and it might help. I really want to get into making my own polishes but think I will skip making it with these. Theres a lilte paper that comes with the box. The one that say "Simply bewitching" that says to go on to Juleps blog to see ideas for the glitter. Usually I use it to make french tips. I have yet to decide what I will do with them...

they are pretty colors. Perfect for fall.

 Now for the polishes. The same paper I mentionned says to first put on the dark red (Caroline) and then put "Leslie) on the base of your nails and then add the crackle (Glenda) to have a sort of gradient look with some crackle. Good idea. I did try that on my nail wheel. I have to say I am most pleased with "Caroline". It is a beautiful, gorgeous, dark red. Also perfect for fall. As I said before in another post, after a summer of brights and neons, I am looking forward to wearing some great, fall and toned down colors:) I will never turn my back on my neons and brights but its always great to change things up from time to time.
 So here are the polishes:)

Here they are with the flash on...

Without the flash on. From Left to right "Leslie" "Caroline" and "Glenda" which is a silver crackle. 

THis time, I had to change them so they would be in same order as the color wheel so its "Caroline" "LEslie" then "Glenda"  From left to right, on the wheel, first is "Caroline" alone, then "Leslie" alone and then its both together with "Leslie" at the base of the nail just as the suggested. Don't mine the others on the wheel. They are different polishes.

And here it is with the crackle. As I said I am kind of over the whole crackle thing. When it first came out I was in LOVE with them, especially the black and used it a lot! I have so many in a bunch of colors but had no silver, oddly. So I am happy to have a silver one and it does look good over these colors.

Sorry about these being on he wrong side. I tried to rotate them but cant figure it out. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to computer stuff:(

 AND WERE BACK! lol.... Look at that red, is it not just gorgeous?!?!

LOL. You can see where I tried to do fishtail nails, emphasis on "tried"...

 Karma is a huge fan of Julep. She has a great time with the shredded paper that is in the boxes. She goes crazy and is always around when I open my boxes. This time was no different!! :)

So there you have it. What do you guys think of these colors. Do you get maven boxes? If so, are you happy with them lately. If not, does it sound like something you might be interested in? And what is your take on crackle polishes? Over them?? Any special Halloween mani's planned? What are you looking forward to most this fall?? Let me know. Love hearing from you guys! Hope you enjoyed my post. I will try to actually swatch them ON my nails soon but just wanted to take a look and see how they looked and share with you guys, of course. Talk to you all soon and thanks for following! :):)


  1. I went with the October Maven's Choice with Sofia, Hermione and drops added on :)

  2. Dude, AWESOME kit!! Candy corn??!! That is amazing.