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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Manglaze "lesbihonet" Mink mittens" and "Ilf" swatches

Hello lovelies,

I finally swatched my Manglaze polishes. All except "matte is murder" which I will be doing soon. I have gotten so much polish lately, I didn't know where to begin. Ever have a week where everything just comes in all at once? A good week yes, don't get me wrong. Just sometimes I go a whole week, with nothing and then BOOM! Well, for the first time I actually sat down and swatched polishes. As I mentioned before, I have never been a huge fan of putting polish on just to take a picture and remove it. When its on I like to keep it on for at least a little bit but I tried it out. I did about 15 polishes. Only complaint is that my cuticles were a real dry mess after I was done...
But anyhow, lets get on with the polishes. I took advantage of the sale that Manglaze was having and all polishes were 9.99$ each instead of 13$ or so that they usually are. Also, I spent more then 25$ (well 26 or so for Canada) and got free shipping  I always love sales and free shipping is always a great bonus. Especially with the Canadian shipping rates.

So the first one I have is the one I was most excited for. Before I go on I have to add that when I first started really getting into the whole polish world and community and started looking at blogs (I always loved polish but it was more a thing on my own. Wasn't aware of this whole world of other addicts sharing their love out there. What did I do before you guys?) my first 2 lemmings I wanted were "Floam" and "lesbihonest". I was just in love with them! Well I got my floam a while ago and wasn't disappointed and I can say the same for "Lesbihonest". I LOVE matte polishes and this one is just a real stunner!

 I mean just look at this stunner. This is in sunlight and the color just "pops" so to speak:) It has a great application and this is just one coat. It is a great, thick color.:) I just LOVE IT!

 Sorry about this picture. You can see a real pet peeve of mine in it. Its when, after having removed polish, you're left with pieces of the swab you used to take it off. UGH, so frustrating. You can also see the mess of my cuticles, as I explained, its from swatching all day. This was the last one I did because I kept it on:)
This is out of sunlight. Still a bright color.:)

Next I have another beautiful color. "Mink mittens" is a purple sparkly matte. I love how the shimmer is in the polish but still matte, if that makes sense. This is a real must have as well. I am real glad I got it:)

 I mean just look at it! So gorgeous! I can't say enough good about how pretty this color is. I almost didn't get this one. I was going to get "mayonaisse" instead I believe but boy am I happy I got it!
 It just shines and sparkles in the sunlight:)

 One of the cool things about Manglaze is their bottles. They're real works of art. I LOVE this type of art and always have. Reminds me of graphic novel art!
 You can see how it would appeal to a lot of men having this on a bottle of polish. Definitely makes it more "manly" :)

Here it is in the shade.

Last but definitely not least is "Ilf". This was a no brainer for me seeing as I love blues and turquoises when it comes to my polish. Right after "Lesbihonest" "Ilf" was at the top of my list. Again, I am more then pleased with the beauty of this polish:)

 Now I know on my index finger you can see a bit of a bump. That is my fault. I didn't completely remove some sparkles from my previous polish I had on. Same with the middle finger. Not at all to do with the polish. Like all off them, its a very smooth application. This is two coats but one is enough. Just added another to try and smooth away the imperfections.

Also didn't do that great of a clean-up job. Was excited to take pictures.

 As I said, blues and turquoise are my fav colors when it comes to polish so I own a HUGE variety of these colors. But I got to say that this is one of my fav. This is going to be a go to color for me. It is great for the upcoming fall but will be used year round. Especially since I have been putting a matte top coat on another one of my fav polishes. Essie's "turquoise and Caicos" hoping it would look like like this. It didn't  I like how its a bright color but has a bit of dull to it. Thats the matte:)

Another cool bottle:)

And the mani I decided to go with when I was done is.................>>>>

as you can see, these are pre clean-up. I still had the other hand to do but just wanted to take a quick picture.

Ok so, I know I sound like a giddy little school girl but I cant say enough good about Manglaze. No, I was not given these polishes to review. I never get products. All are bought by me for me and all are my unbiased opinions. That being said, the texture is wonderful, the application is great and all looked great and to my taste after one coat. I didnt do swatches of  "matte is murder" because I have already tried it before but it is just like these polishes. If you dont own any, I suggest treating yourself and getting a few. They have a wide variety of colors, all matte. It says its a male polish but I know a lot of ladies who wear it. Men as well. I know matte is a trend that isnt as popular as when it first came out but I love it. And these polishes are great and just happen to be matte. If you love the colors, but not the matte finish, adding a top coat will make it shiny. I didnt add any because I did not want to take away the matte. I also tried my "girly bits "shift happens" over the lesbihonest, just to see how it would look, and it was gorgeous. I will definitely be getting more soon. MY birthday is on the 26th of this month so I may have to treat myself :):):) Or HINT HINT to all my friends out there who read my blog and are wondering "What oh WHAT" to get me for my birthday....LMAO:) Also, a picture of it is on my other blog post about my haul I got recently, but with the polishes came some stickers and some cute cards to hand out to your friends AND 2 picks! As a guitar player (a bad one but one all the same) this made me very happy. Extra goodies are always a great surprise when you open up a package. To remind you this is what was in my box.

oh yea, I almost forgot. Those little bottles are "franken jugs" for, well, frankening. Super cute!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I am really happy with my pictures. Should have learned how to do this with my camera a long time ago. Always had been using my phone and webcam but the camera makes a world of difference I find. The sun helps a lot as well. SO, do you guys own and Manglaze? Which ones? Do you love them as much as I do?? Are you as much of a fan of matte polishes as I am??

Until my next post, take care and have fun polishing. Also, I am getting closer and closer to 100. As soon as I do I will be hosting my first giveaway. Super excited:):)


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