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Friday, 5 October 2012

Lost girls notes giveaway

I JUST had to take a quick minute here and share this giveaway with you. Im not sure if like me you are dying to own a lynnderella polish. I am. Dont have any and it seems like a huge fuss to get one, not to mention some of the prices I have seen some go for. Buit they are beauties. One I have always thought was gorgeous was "cauldron droppings" which is what is in this giveaway SO AWESOME!!! and if that wasnt good enough, there is also a Hare polish . SO make sure you go to this link and join the giveaway. And if you win, dont forget my birthday is on the 26th so...... LOL :P

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  1. Sorry i needed to answer so long, i added a new bloglovin' button on my blog, under the follow me buttons! Thanks for entering the giveaway hun