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Friday, 19 October 2012

OPI every month is Oktoberfest

Hey all,
So tonight I thought I would do a quick post about one of the 4 polishes I have from the OPI Germany line. I have this one and "Berlin there, done that" "Dont talk Bach to me" and "Deutsch you want me baby". I really wanted the purple and teal one but they didn't have them:( But the one that caught my eye the most is "Every month is Oktoberfest" AND my birthday  is October (26th one week away exactly) so I just thought I would add that in:) I would describe it as a really dark berry purple. It has a bit of shimmer to it as well. Perfect for Fall:)

So the first 4 are in the sun without a flash. I do like this color. I thought it would be more on the red side, like a dark wine but was pleased with this. I have 3 coats on and would suggest using that many. With 2 coats its was a bit streaky and uneven but the third coat made it just perfect:)
I added these 2with the flash and sunlight because it really shows the purple of it! 

 AND how shiny it is. This is before I put on a topcoat.

 And back to just sun light:)

 Not sure why the ring and pinky look rough near the end? It was not like that at all on my fingers...
 I just love the shine and sparkle of it and the hint of shimmer. Its not to shimmery. Still has a thickness to it, which I like. It glows in the middle of the nail and then the tips look almost dark! Am I the only one who sees that?
 Depending on the angle and light, you could argue that it is more red then purple or vice versa. In person, I see more purple then red.

And in the shade:)

So there you have it! If you need a great fall red/purple duochrome (kind of) for fall, I would strongly suggest this one! Do you guys have any from the Germany collection? Which ones? Which do you want?

And on another sad, sad note. I broke my camera:( Dropped it and it wont take pictures anymore:( But I was lucky in one way. For the first time since I can remember, I was able to use the one year warranty. I broke it this week (15) and warranty was good until the 31st!!! So, if I was going to break it glad I did when I did. No guarantee it will be fixed but I will know in 4-6 weeks. So until then, unless I borrow a camera from people every now and then I wont be able to take great and clear pictures:(  Luckily I did a bunch of swatches before I dropped it. But at this moment I tried my "Dont talk Bach to me" and put F4 polish "Splat" (which I wanted forever. Well I wanted a black and white bars) over it and topped it off with a matte top coat. Sadly, I had to go back to my web cam for pictures. So these wont be great but just to show what it looked like!

AHH!! I really wish I could have taken better pictures because it really looks good this combo!! Well I will have to do it again:) I had a hard time deciding what to put the "Splat" on top of but was happy with this. I almost put it over Essie's "watermelon". I have it on a nail wheel and it looks great! What combo's do you suggest wearing it with?? Sorry about these pictures guys and hope to get my camera back ASAP!!!
Till next time, enjoy and paint them nails but remember, have fun:)

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