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Friday, 4 January 2013

OPI "black onyx" with Essie's "Leading lady" and NOPI "OMB" with NOPI "a golds winter night" accent nail


Well, its been awhile. I have been so busy this month with the holidays and whatnot, time went by so fast. Can you believe its already 2013??!?!?! Where has the time gone?? I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I wish everyone the best for the new year. One of my resolutions is to blog more often and to get through all, or at least some, of my untrieds. I have so many. I got so much polish this last month through swaps and gifts and such, I have enough untrieds to last a very long time. I know a lot of girls who have started a no-buy. I don't think I would be successful at that. Any store I walk into, the first place I go to is the polish section. And if there's a good deal going on, I just can't pass it up. But I should tell myself something like for every 5 untrieds I use, I can get a new polish. Would get me motivated:):) Anyhow, today I want to share with you guys what I wore during Christmas:) I am no good at nail art and tried to do some stuff but at the end I went with something simple but pretty.

What I wore: (in order of picture below)

Essie "leading lady":  A deep red wine color for its base packed with micro red and fuchsia glitter. A perfect jelly in a bottle, two coats does the job but don't forget the top coat to get rid of the gritty look.

NOPI:" A gold winters night" From the Kardashian  Kolors Holiday 2012 collection, best used, in my opinion, on top of another opaque color because it is a very sheer polish. Its a gold base with gold and aqua bar glitter and some small pink glitter as well. It is pretty alone, I just dont like VNL .

NOPI:"OMB!" From the "Bieber" collection, I have been waiting to try this because I knew it was perfect for the holidays. Its a  bright magenta based red "foil" polish with a hint of gold shimmer. Also has tiny glass flecked glitter throughout.

OPI "black Onyx": opaque, black creme polish with a shiny finish. It is my "go to" black polish. With 2 coats, it is the perfect black. I LOVE it:) It is a perfect base for glitter, which you will see is what I did with it.

What I did was mainly a black mani with "Leading lady" on top and then I used "OMB" on an accent nail topped with " A gold winters night". I LOVED how "leading lady" just popped on top of black. I wore it for Christmas but its a combo that's good for any time. Anyhow, lets see how it looked!

See what I mean by how great it looks over black? It looks like its one polish. Not like it normally looks when you add glitter as a top coat.

You can really see the bar glitter of "A gold winters night" in this pic:)

And this one. When you use it alone, it almost reminds me of hay. I think I will try it over black next time or maybe white:)

Does it look like a jelly to you? The black and red? I think it kind of does....

UGH!!!! Of course, there's a chip on my index finger and of course I only see it when I am looking at the pictures. And then, its the ONLY thing I see. Sorry guys...

And lastly, I know this has way too much light but I find it looks cool. With the light on it like this, you really see it look like a jelly.

So there we have it:) That's what I wore for Christmas. What did you guys wear? DO you think it looks like a jelly matched together? I wish I was better at nail art or could finally get the hang of stamping! I finally got my XL stamper in the mail so I will be giving it another try and hopefully have a pretty stamped mani to show you guys soon. I will be showing what I wore for NYE next post, probably:) I have so many pictures from the past month. Taking pictures of each mani, I have a lot of blogging to do. As I said, its one of my resolutions to blog more often. Along with the normal ones. Lose weight, exercise more and quit smoking!!! But I have already failed on the latter. Doesn't mean I can't try again, right? What are some of your resolutions? Would love to hear what they are and see if any of us actually keep up with them. 4/5 people don't keep their resolutions. Sad, isn't it. Lets try to not be one of those people. Well, hope you guys enjoyed my post and will be back soon. Love to hear from all of you so comment away:) And again, HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL!!!


  1. I've been super into jellies lately! Cute :) I posted my xmas manicure on my blog: :)

    1. I LOVE jellies!! Will take a look at yours:)

  2. I love Essie Leading Lady, such a beautiful colour.

    1. It really is! I am a sucker for Essie. Its my fav store brand so I may be biased at times, lol, but this is a gorgeous color. I agree:) I loved the whole collection:)