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Monday, 14 January 2013

A-England "Holy grail" and Revlon "celestial fx"

Good evening all,
How is everyone doing? Hope the new year is treating you all right so far. I've been busy but never too busy to do my nails. I have so many untried polishes, I have been going through them lately. I have still been getting more new ones, more then I need but at least I am making headway on those ones. Tonight I have a mani that I had planned to do for New years eve but never did do it. I must warn before you continue, if you are one of those people who cant stand seeing pictures when the clean up job is not perfect, stop right here. There was not much clean up done. I was really one the fence with this mani. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. But a few people asked to see it so, I took pictures. Here is what I wore.

A-England "holy grail" old version: I have had this polish for a long time and I am actually surprised I never wore it earlier. I am not a big lover of gold polish and must admit I more got this because of the name "Holy grail" . Those who get it will have already got it:) Do you ever do that? Get a polish because of the name? Or because it is part of a collection or LE or etc. ..  I am bad for that! Anyhow, it turned out to be quite a nice surprise and I actually liked it.
It is a stunning metallic, warm gold, with bronze shimmer throughout it. The first coat is very sheer and shows VNL, but with three coats, its fine. Here is "Holy grail" alone.

Then I put "celestial fx" on top of it.
Revlon's "Celestial fx" is a clear based polish filled with tiny holo silver glitters and bigger moons, stars and diamonds suspended in it.. I found it a bit hard to work with. With the brush, you get the tiny glitters easily but the big pieces, especially the stars are hard to get. I had to use a toothpick to get them out. I used a thick coat of Seche vite on top so that the glitters would not have a lift. Without a top coat, I am sure there would be some.

So now, lets see how they look together. As I said, I am on the fence with this mani. Not too sure if I like it. Obviously it can be worn over any color of your choice. I saw it over black and it fit perfectly. I am just not too sure gold was the right color. Also, as I said, it is not the best clean up job. You have been warned! On to the pictures:)

I really do love all the shapes and the way the shine, especially in the sun. Look at that star on my ring finger, right at the tip. See the rainbow?
<You Can see the tiny glitters I mentioned especially on the middle finger in this one.

As you can see, the bottle is not lacking in glitter. The diamond shapes come out on almost every dip. Its just the stars I had a real problem grabbing but nothing a toothpick cant fix.

Here it is with no light.

So, there we have it. What do you guys think of this combo? Do you like it? What color would you wear it with? I think it would be great over a dark blue or purple. The showcase that holds the polish shows it over a blue that Revlon is selling in this collection. They also have a bottle with gold hearts in it. Perfect for Valentine coming up. I just love star shapes. Always have, so I do like the polish. I just was not crazy about the combo. Hope you guys liked the pictures and hope to hear your opinions. I am curious to find out if more people liked this or more hated it. SO let me know. Thanks:)

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  1. I'm totally with you on the combo not being the right one. However, Holy Grail looks awesome on you! I only bought it because it was on sale and being discontinued. Celestial seems like it would really pop over dark creams like you mentioned a blue or a purple, and would look amazing over a red for V-day!