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Friday, 25 May 2012

So here is something most of you have probably seen, at least once, but in many different ways. Since I got my dotting tools, I had yet to really use them so decided to do a polka dot mani. First, I painted my nails white and then I took the dotting tool and a bunch of colors I liked and , well, just got to it. SOme people, will use different shapes, or make them all the same pattern on every nail. Being my first time, I wanted to have fun, so I just used same shape for all and used my fav colors. I like the way this turned out, but next time, I will certainly be more precise and stick to a pattern But for now, take a look at this:)

Tools I used:) many different sizes but I used the second biggest dot for this. you can find these on ebay for 3$ and less. definitely worth it!

As you can see here, its 5 pieces but each end has a dot so you get 10 different size dots .

On to the mani

 as you can see its a really cute mani and if you do it as i did, without a pattern and whatnot its super aesy. just paint your nails white, then choose some colors. first colors you are using, make a few dots on each nail. then go to next color and do your nails and so on:)
TIP: if you do not have these dotting tools, you can use toothpicks and bobby pins. and if you wnat to make bigger dots then what the toothpick or pin offers, add nail polish (dip it into the polish) let it dry and once it is dry and hard, add another layer. The more layers you add, the bigger the dot will be.

HAve any of you guys tried this mani out yet?? What are your tips/tricks??

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