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Thursday, 3 May 2012

 so I am IN LOVE with all the Essie colors that have came out this Spring. Heres a few to show you but I got a lot more on the way:) First up is my favourite.  Turquoise and Caicos. I dont take the best pictures. I have tried with my phone and with my camera and cant capture them just right but ....
Dont mind my sore hand:)

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Cute as a Button is a nice medium dark pink. This is with two coats. I really like it.

two coats. Dont mind the mess please, hadnt yet cleaned it.

So this is meet me at sunset. Whereas it is a nice Orange, I do have a lot of Oranges like this in my collection already and its not much different from "Orange its obvious"  But if you dont yet have an Orange for this Spring, I recommend it.

So this is NOT a Spring color, I know, but I liked the look so I got it. I wasnt disappointed. it is "Licorice" I would describe it as almost black and DARK purple, mixed together. It is really dark.

Navigate her is a lovely light, kind of pastel, green. I would say that after T&C, this is my 2nd fav. Its a great color for Spring. USually greens dont look great with my skin tone but I thought this one suited me fine. A MUST BUY for sure:)  

with a bright flash.

with no flash. Really tried to capture this color. Its beautiful.

STay tuned for more. I HAve a lot more Spring Essie colors coming up:)

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  1. I love the first 2 colors very in for the spring kisses