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Sunday, 8 April 2012

long time ago

I remember when I thought that this was ALOT! this is about 1 1\2 years ago probably. I used to have a lot more but lost a few in a move so started over from scratch. I also just had all of them in a pretty little polish bag but got adventurous and saw a vidoe on how to make my own nail polish rack so I did.

this is the almost finished product. Wanted to show it before I painted it. I need to make another one soon since this one is already getting full so I will tape myself making it and show you guys the easy steps to follow. or just look up "DIY nailpolish racks" and you will find a few different versions. Its also very cheap to make as long as you already own a glue gun. I bought the pieces from the dollar store (3 pieces). You can decorate it as you please. I used a can of spray paint on mine.

Voila!! theres my finished product with a close up of all my bottles. As you can see, I tend to like Essie very much. I have no more room on that shelf for them. As I said, I will have to make a new one soon because it is almost full. At the bottom is a little box filled with misc nail stuff I use:) Well I hope you guys enjoyed my first post and hope you keep coming back. I will post my nails tomorrow as I will be doing them tonight. <3<3<3<3


  1. Awesome job.. LOVE all your polishes!! I was gonna make mine like yours but I can't find these poster boards at any dollar stores near me. Only Walmart has them and they want $3 or more each.. So I found this material at LOWES and it's a huge sheet, prolly like 4 or 5 boards of those you used put together.. I really wanna make a floor to ceiling one with enough shelves for my polishes, my nail art stuff and my collectibles.. I collect anything with Lions on it.. and Sunflowers lol.. :) But you did a great job on yours!! I'll show you mine if I ever get it done! <3 follow my blog plz..

    1. Thanks:) I have outgrown it now. need to make a new one but asked my dad to make me one out of wood this time. So waiting on him to get on that.! WOuld love to see yours when its finished. And I believe I am following you. You can check to be sure:)